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Vivid Sydney Social
Vivid Sydney Social

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For over three incredible weeks from 25 May to 16 June, Vivid Sydney – the festival of light, music and ideas, will showcase the best in art, performance and innovative thinking from around the world.

Now back with a huge schedule of show-stopping events that are sure to wow the crowds, this year will see many surprises and unique shows to mark the 10 year anniversary of the vibrant festival. With so much to see and do, you’ll need more than one day to explore the wide range of fascinating events at Vivid 2018!

Read on to discover how to experience the best of Vivid Sydney in just 3 nights and start planning your Vivid Sydney 2018 itinerary today.


Surround yourself with some of the festival’s best light installations by spending your evening at Circular Quay. With plenty of restaurants, bars, and eateries – it offers great vantage points for watching the spectacular lights. Find a harbourside spot with a view and catch the Lighting Of The Sails each night at 6pm to kick off your Vivid Sydney weekender.

Walk along the western side of Circular Quay and you will find yourself in awe of EORA – Dark Emu (pictured) – a must-see large scale projection, designed by Bangarra Dance Theatre especially for the Sydney Harbour Bridge South Pylon, which marries Aboriginal history, dance, art, and architecture in a striking visual aesthetic.


For some dynamic geometry, head to the east side of Circular Quay to enjoy the Visible Dynamics – beautiful light sculptures that are created by using various connecting forms and shapes, reminiscent of a child’s stacking toy. Be captivated by Fragmented – a 2.4m x 2.4m illuminated steel cube frame, filled with stained glass illuminated by a bright central light, rotating and projecting shapes of coloured light visible to almost 50 metres around the installation. As a result, the overall effect is a stunning light sculpture that projects beyond its confines to beautify the area surrounding it.

Nearby is The Space Arena – an installation combining the latest LED and 3D technology to create a new type of public space in which entertainment, exhibitions and interactive events are showcased for audiences. The interior of the three metre high hollow structure is draped with several layers of LED ‘curtains’, allowing the space to host a wide range of visual art forms.

Visitors can also catch a glimpse of the Virtual Vibration display as psychedelic colours fill the eastern facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney showcases a number of captivating light installations scattered throughout the grounds. Take a walk through the magical gardens and enjoy partying parrots, giant electric flowers, and an illuminated forest of spiralling trees. You will find a number of captivating light installations along the way.

The Nautilus Forest features an illuminated space of 24 spiralling trees, and you will no doubt spot The Bloom (pictured) – a giant, metallic flower. The pulsing flower’s petals are adorned with mirrored spirals that refract and reflect light in all directions, allowing visitors to enter the very centre of the flower to pose for photos – perfect for those looking for that perfect Instagram shot!

The Bloom - Vivid Sydney 2018

You will then visit He’e Nalu – an ode to surfing the waves in Hawaii. The installation creates a passageway washed in changing shades of blue and orange, reflecting the calming colours of the ocean at different times of the day. As you meander through the precinct, you will come across Nacre – a mass of shimmering seashells, then visit the Parrot Party – an immersive musical installation made up of brightly coloured birds who love to party. Finally, explore Aqueous, an interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light that reacts to the audience as they run, walk and play along the shining pathway.

Night 3 – After Dark Fun at The Rocks

Head to The Rocks to see the thought-provoking installation Earth. It fuses NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface, and combines the visual artwork with an enchanting cosmic soundscape. Overall, the breathtaking installation provides you a sense of awe that is experienced by astronauts. At George St, The Rocks – the installation 1000 Cranes (pictured) is a canopy of 1000 hanging origami cranes that illuminate as people flock together under its beauty.

1000 Cranes - Vivid Sydney

In First Fleet park, you will find the Garden of Sweeties. Great for the littles ones, this installation takes a playful approach to help families and children learn more about how panels, luminescent powder and mechanical energy can be used as a source of renewable energy. This is done through the creative interaction of scattered sweets, lollipops and striped candy canes. Once you’ve taken in the sights, take some time to explore some of the local dining and nightlife at The Argyle, a sandstone courtyard filled with cosy spots for cocktails, modern restaurants with a variety of cuisines and more.

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