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Vivid Sydney Social
Vivid Sydney Social

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Every now and then, someone comes along and changes the game.

You might call them a genius, an innovator, or the luckiest person on earth. Whatever you call them, a select few of these game changers will be taking the stage at Sydney’s City Recital Hall to speak about their experiences, which include everything from descending deep into the Mariana Trench to overcoming a debilitating concussion.

It’s time to meet the Vivid Sydney 2018 Game Changers.

Peggy Oki and Laura Wells

Peggy Oki - Vivid Sydney 2018

Peggy Oki and Laura Wells are powerful agents for change, and they hope to inspire you to become the same. Peggy Oki is the first female member of the iconic Z Boys skateboard crew, which uses art to encourage others to care about the ocean. Oki broke into the once all-male skate crew in the ‘70s, and still skates and surfs daily. Laura Wells uses her platform as a model, marine biologist, and influencer to fight the war on plastic.

Both Oki and Wells are constantly creating change. How will you be inspired to change the world around you?

Dan Goods

Dan Goods - Vivid Sydney 2018

By day, Dan Goods is an artist, creative director, and visual strategist, but after hours, Goods collaborates on creative projects with the likes of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Goods has a background in graphic design, and soon after graduation, he realised that his talents could be applied to scientific fields. He’s since created installations about discovering planets, founded the Museum of Awe, and been dubbed “one of the most interesting people in Los Angeles.”

During Vivid Sydney, you’ll discover what Dan is dreaming up next, where collaborations are evolving, and how you can get involved.

Dare Jennings

Dare Jennings - Vivid Sydney 2018

He may have founded cult brands like Mambo clothing, Phantom records, and Deus Ex Machina, but Dare Jennings insists he has no business knowledge to share. Instead, he created his brands by tossing out the business rulebook and following his instincts. Dare Jennings will join his good friend James Valentine, host of Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney, to discuss a broad spectrum of topics from politics to music and from surfing to motorcycles. But don’t worry; you’ll also get a few tips and tricks on success from the brand master himself.

The Inaugural Mark Colvin Conversation

The Inaugural Mark Colvin Conversation - Vivid Sydney 2018

An eclectic mix of minds will come together at the Inaugural Mark Colvin Conversation. The late great broadcaster and journalist Mark Colvin was renowned for his unbridled curiosity and penetrating insight, so it’s only fitting that this event will bring together both critical thinkers and inspiring musos. The Inaugural Mark Colvin Conversation will discuss the question: Are schools and society fostering or stifling imagination?

Songstress Megan Washington will begin by sharing her journey of overcoming anxiety with music. RocKwiz and Home Delivery host Julia Zemiro will act as host and keep the conversation moving. Megan and Julia will be joined by a panel of educators, writers, and commentators taking part in a lively conversation that will question the purpose of education, shed light on parental expectations, and debate the role of schooling in creativity.

Jane McGonigal and Kriti Sharma

Jane McGonigal and Kriti Sharma - Vivid Sydney 2018

“It’s not a game.” You may have heard these words from your parents or siblings when you weren’t taking a task seriously.

For Jane McGonigal after suffering a debilitating concussion, recovery was a game. Or at least, she made it one. Jane decided to turn her experience into a role-play game. By gamifying her recovery, Jane was able to overcome her brain trauma, and the same process has helped half a million people reverse their depression and anxiety, and even cope with terminal illness. Joining Jane at Sydney’s City Recital Hall during Vivid Sydney is Kriti Sharma, a leading global voice on artificial intelligence. Together, Jane and Kriti will discuss AI, VR, and gaming, and question what sort of society our technology is creating.

James Cameron

James Cameron - Vivid Sydney 2018

James Cameron is a polymath — a filmmaker, marine explorer, NASA advisor and leading advocate for the protection of our oceans and environment. You probably know him best as the highest-grossing film-maker in history with blockbusters Avatar, Titanic, The Abyss, the Terminators and Aliens to his credit. Now get to know more about James’ thirst for scientific discovery and technological innovation. Not only was James the first person to descend to the Mariana Trench — the deepest place on the planet — as a solo pilot, he also co-designed the unique vertical submersible DEEPSEA CHALLENGER that was built in Sydney.

Whether he’s directing films or engineering ways to get cameras onto NASA missions, James has always been able to innovate and leverage the latest technologies to introduce the public to new ideas. Dive deep into the creative genius that is James Cameron when he talks about bridging science and art, documenting marine life forms and all that a lifetime of exploration has revealed. Joining him will be Australia’s own polymath Adam Spencer, known as a lover of numbers, science, football, and films.

These are the people who are changing the game. Come and see some of today’s most influential people during Vivid Sydney 2018. Sign up to My Vivid and download the app on iOS and Android now.