What is a City but the People?

WSP Australia Pty Ltd

FREE EVENT @ Circular Quay Local

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Artists: WSP Australia Pty Ltd: Rachel Smith (Australia) / Kim Straatemeier (Australia) / Fiona Venn (Ireland)

Cities nurture, inspire and connect people, and yet living in the city can sometimes consume and swallow us up. Whether it is the morning commute and the mad rush of peak hour or just the 9-5 grind, the city crush often leaves us feeling exhausted and longing to escape.

The way that cities are planned, designed, serviced, governed and financed is material to our happiness and prosperity. Light plays a huge role in all of these factors, however the way natural and artificial light affects a city and its inhabitants isn’t always understood or acknowledged.

Cities change with the path of the sun at different times of the year. The sun’s interaction with our city influences how people live, work and play within it, and so what is a city without people?

How often do you take a minute to sit back and appreciate your city? It’s often not until the sun starts to set that things begin to dance and twinkle. Against the backdrop of the golden hues of the sunset, the city starts to light up and we can really appreciate the enormity of what surrounds us. The most magical time to watch a city come to life is at night.

What is a City but the People invites visitors to play amongst 31 scaled down skyscrapers and buildings. Internally lit, the towers change colour from warm to cool hues mimicking the transition from morning to evening when they twinkle against the night sky. The installation encourages us to connect with and enjoy the city, seeing it from a different perspective.

Country represented by installation: Australia.